We want to make food and food production even better, safer and more sustainable

To accomplish this mission, we examine relevant steps along the value chains feed - food and combine the expertise of well-known Austrian research institutions with the know-how of more than 30 innovative enterprises from several countries, with high affinity to research.

These are questions, that the founders and partners of FFoQSI are scrutinizig for decades, and they do not only concern food producers and processors but increasingly large parts of the public - and quite rightly. Nutrition is a crucial issue.

We promise: we keep at it!

Dr. Jürgen Marchart
Managing Director

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Wagner
Scientific Diretor


TFZ Tulln Haus C

Austrian Competence Centre
for Feed and Food Quality
Safety and Innovation

Technopark 1C
3430 Tulln


Why Tulln?

Campus Tulln Technopol is Austria’s leading research and innovation hub for natural resources and bio based technologies.

Figures & facts

high-tech jobs more than 900
thereof in research more than 50%
technology oriented companies 18
university departments 7
research centres 4